Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A Complete Make-Over of Our 3D World

Barcelona Virtual is an official developer for Linden Labs in Spain
In 2007 we opened humble offices in Second Life, as renters as first, just to "test the waters".

However, once we saw the great potential of 3D Virtual Worlds, we later purchased a full island in the Metaverse, which we were able to use successfully as a promotional and community-building platform.

In 2008 traffic surmounted 214,000 visits and unique users totaled more than 55,000 users. Brands as diverse as Obra Social Caixa Sabadell (now Unnim), Universal Pictures, and Sony PlayStation joined us in pioneering initiatives, all of them groundbreakers in Experiential Marketing.

Barcelona es una agencia pionera en el uso de mundos virtuales 3D para crear comunidades online
Now, three years on, we are effecting a complete renewal of our 3D space, which includes new buildings designed by SL arquitect Razt Bellic (a student of Industrial Design in "RL" - real life). At the same time, as Certified Linden Labs developers we are optimizing the technology to ready the Island for more ambitious promotions in the future.

See you on the Island?

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