Tuesday, 27 March 2018

E-Commerce: Real-Time, Micro-Moment Marketing Is Everything for the Always-On Consumer

Ready for Easter? In a series of Social Media posts this week,
we sought to help last-minute online shoppers to find Easter treats on time 

The ever-increasing speed and noise of the Digital "Matrix" is both a blessing and a curse.

On the one hand, our digital tools and channels most definitely help us to be more productive. And hopefully, more fulfilled at the same time.

Yet, unless we know how to wisely prioritise and manage our time, the URGENT rather than the IMPORTANT often means that we "stress": ironically, due to lack of time.

As Marketers and eCommerce experts, we can most certainly empatise with such consumers. In fact, our most important target groups are often we ourselves. For this reason, it becomes ever more important to remember key concepts such as Flow, The Personal Cybersphere, as well as Digital Lifestyle.

As European Marketing consultant and speaker, Rik Vera, observed at an important event of Selligent Marketing Cloud in Amsterdam, this past January:

"Customer Loyalty is no longer only a matter of being a Lovemark, but rather, a Brand that truly makes life easier and more convenient"

This means Maximum Flow, Minimal Clicks.

It also requires having Digital Copywriters who possess Emotional Intelligence. Why not offer stressed procrastinators direct links to a quick 3-product selection for an important holiday?

Do the homework for them. Guide them straight to the product, then right to the checkout.
Voilà! (Why complicate it more?)

Take a look at the Chocolates Lacasa Online Store we created and curate. To help even more, the Lacasa Marketing team also decided to throw in a 25% discount on EVERYTHING in the store*.

That should make it even sweeter!

Like we said above, the key is anticipating needs and proactively solving them.

So .... if you're reading this before the offer ends at 23:59 on 28 March 2018* ...
you just may want to CLICK HERE ;-)

· 1 KG | Lacasitos Pecosos Huevos 
· 1 KG | Mini Lacasitos  
· Bombones Uña Colección | Rosa

Who knows? On Easter Sunday you could win quite a few more grateful Spring Smiles ;-)

* The promotion has since ended. Shipping of other orders from the online store is valid for deliveries in Spain: Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands

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