Monday, 17 July 2017

The Brave New World of Voice-Search and Google Lens

Image: Wired

The ho-hum days of Internet Search and the Tired-Fingers-Syndrome from too much typing are soon to vanish.

At least, once the kinks are ironed out with pioneering AI applications already on the market.

New home accessories from Amazon, Google, Apple and others strive to seduce us with Digital Home Assistants that will not only activate basic functions in our houses.

They'll also keep us company as well.
Or even raise us from the dead.

Nevertheless, as we can see in the following BBC Click report, faulty voice recognition can produce disastrous consequences on a personal level (opening your house during your absence to real-life hacker thieves), whilst voice-search presents new challenges for SEO,
e-Commerce and Digital Marketing:

In the meantime, Google Lens is now focusing (literally) on facial-and-object recognition, new visual AI capabilities, in order to make our Minority Report fantasies truly come to life.

We want it, we find it.

Yet, the question remains: are we really ready to give up our biological autonomy to sleek, amoral biometric systems linked to the Net who track our every move ...

... and are far from infallible?

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